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Zive One Launched A Complete Customized Gift Service To Help Corporates Create Eye-catching Gifts

Zive One is a leading supplier of high-quality gifts, providing self-branding services and complete gift customization services, such as corporate gifts customization, business gifts customization, etc. The goal is to create the best trendy products at reasonable prices. In addition to the quality products, it also provides OEM customized product services and supports Hong Kong companies to build their own brands.

Can Cake An unexpected way to eat

In Japan, it’s popular to have desserts as the last course recently. Therefore, some sundae stores seized the opportunity and launched the surprising “Can Cake”.

Rice Bag Baby? Creative Custom-made Newborn Goods

The item that solves this above situation has appeared in Japan. “Rice Bag Baby” is a popular creative product launched under the epidemic, so that those who can’t visit newborns can share the joy at the same time now. Let me show you how does it work.

Muscat Grapes × Tiramisu Excellent Dessert in a Jar

Apart from sorbet and vanilla ice cream that make summer wonderful, there’s also an eye-catching cake in Japan, which allows everyone to experience the invigorating feelings without worrying about teeth. This tiramisu was sold more than 10,000 bottles as soon as it was launched and swept the taste buds of everyone this summer.

Super cute FLOG-SHAPED snack A must-buy souvenir in Nagoya

NAGOYA is one of the cities that many people will definitely visit when they travel to Japan. It has been a city of great importance from ancient times, so historic buildings and monuments can be seen everywhere. And when it comes to souvenir from Nagoya, you must not miss this special frog-shaped bun.

3D spherical cake overthrows your imagination

Usual cakes are always coated with thick cream and too much decoration. Instead of that, 3D cakes have only the proper amount of fresh cream and much less additives to avoid disturbing the vision.

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