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The anti-theft shell for Apple charger is invented!

Recently, a foreign designer who loves inventing interesting things shared a new device, called “Anti-theft Apple charger shell” on Reddit, claiming to be able to prevent chargers from being stolen. Let me show you how it works.

The secret of 100% coconut water taking the world from England is revealed!

The 100% coconut water became the first juice brand that every European citizen has heard of since the establishment of the UK because of three handsome and sunny boys. In 1999, they launched a tasting event at a local concert and asked everyone to vote.

Most of them voted as asked and it was surprising that almost everyone voted “Likes”, which increased the boys’ confidence. They decided to build their own brand.

Seletti and Marcantonio Team Up for the Glowing Moonlight Lounge

The moonlight lounge is initially designed by Seletti, the widely known home furnishing shop established in 1964 from Italy, which provides home furnishings with high-quality and creative design, and provides a comfortable and exquisite home for people who are under pressure in daily life. Now, Seletti has teamed up with Marcantonio to design the fabulous moon-shaped lounge.

Optimum Nutrition and Street Fighter Team Up for a New Line of Shaker Bottles

The special feature of this co-branded hand-crank cup is that the pattern is designed with the image of the protagonist RYU, and the muscle lines are handsomely presented with classic movements, satisfying a large group of kombat fans. The practical design of the cup is also very intimate. In order to prevent the protein powder from depositing to the bottom of the cup and unable to shake it sufficiently, a stainless steel spring ball is designed in the cup, which can easily shake the protein powder with water or milk.

Latest trend---Unconventional Japanese Takoyaki for parties!

The normal takoyaki snacks we can get from the vendors are usually made in round shapes, however, the unconventional “poop shape takoyaki” had its debut and photos were posted on social medias which draw much attention from the public with heated discussions. People are so attracted by this cute and funny shape of takoyaki that they are curious to know how they are made.

The Simpsons & MEDICOM TOY & Edison Chen Team Up for an Adorable New Action Figure of Maggie Simpson

This animation with a touch of familiarity but with psychedelic magic has not only been frequently discussed by the general public, but also caused many manufacturers of toy dolls to cooperate to release a series of products for this purpose to strive for market share. This time, it is even more blessed by celebrities. Cooperate to launch a three-party joint character doll, let's check the information in the official announcement next.

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