The Simpsons & MEDICOM TOY & Edison Chen Team Up for an Adorable New Action Figure of Maggie Simpson

The Simpsons has exciting news to its fans that they will team up MEDICOM TOY and Edison Chen for the latest action figure of the super-popular character Maggie Simpson. It caused a sensation among its fans as the news comes out and many fans are eager to get a quick purchase method.

Why Is The Simpsons So Popular?

The reason why The Simpsons became popular worldwide is the spicy and sensational speech of the characters and the wonderful catastasis inserted in the fragments, which won the viewers' hearts. What's more, some plots of the cartoon even predicted events happening in the world, which made viewers amazed. The miracle cartoon has not only caused discussions by the public but also attracted toy manufacturers to co-brand for market share. This time, even celebrities were joined to the new release of action figures, it's exciting news for us to expect.

This animation with a touch of familiarity but with psychedelic magic has not only been frequently discussed by the general public, but also caused many manufacturers of toy dolls to cooperate to release a series of products for this purpose to strive for market share. This time, it is even more blessed by celebrities. Cooperate to launch a three-party joint character doll, let's check the information in the official announcement next.

The Classic Character of The Simpsons

Maggie Simpson, one of the famous characters of The Simpsons, is notably the youngest member. Her adorable appearance with a pacifier is loved by many viewers. The news of tripartite joint will set off a wave in the fashion field.

High Collection Value in the Concept of Design

As known by many fans, Edison Chen is fond of collecting dolls and toys of various sizes. In spite of his rebellious image, he loves his family and treats his wife with pampering and sincerity, which gains praised from people. The design of the action figure of Maggie Simpson is partly based on Edison Chen's character of being a father. The same size of the character and the certification of the US adds its collection value.

this timeMaggie SimpsonThe original intention of the joint doll design is based on the social role of him as a father, as the core concept, restore the role of 1:1 doll, plus the official certification of the United States, and increase its collection value.

The latest doll packaging of the Assen clan

The Latest Packaging of the Action FigureThe latest action figures with attractive packaging designed by MEDICOM TOY have printed the group photo of the members of The Simpsons and the angry Maggie Simpson, and they make fans eager to explore the action figures at the first time.

The material applied is not resin but PVC, which makes the action figure feels real and improves the quality. And the size of the action figure is 51x45x66 (cm), which is larger than volleyball, basketball, or other common balls.Soft vinyl"Open-mold production, its physical characteristics add to the realism and quality of the character; the size of the doll that collectors care about is 51x45x66 (cm), which is larger than the common ball games, such as volleyball and basketball.

The look of biting the pacifier and the classic gesture "reach out for hug" are perfect with the setting of the character. The light blue dress and headdress bow make the action figure turn to live. It makes fans craving for bringing them home for the collection.

The Sales Information of Maggie Simpson

These latest action figures will be on sale on 7/23, and their price is 750 US dollars, about HKD 5800. For lovers of The Simpsons, it is a golden chance for collection.

The action figures of Maggie Simpson co-branded by three parties have become a spotlight of the market. The support of the famous toy manufacturer and the godfather of the fashion field makes it a craze of many collectors. Let us expect more fancy co-brand products from The Simpsons!

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